Our Instructors

Coleen Shaw-Voeks

Position:Owner / Coach / Instructor

Coleen is a lifetime lover of all things outdoors and energetic, and she can often be found running in the woods like a squirrel on crack. She loves coaching runners of all abilities, teaching all levels of fitness and Pilates classes and helping clients set goals and then smash them. Coleen grew up in an ultra running household and has always known that the marathon is merely a starting point for many runners. Once she stopped fighting against her inborn ability to run long and accepted her love of running ultra distances, her path in life became clear. Getting her coaching certification from RRCA was only the start of the journey towards helping create strong, healthy and complete runners. Strength training, pilates and yoga are all key pillars in being a complete athlete. You don't have to be a runner to work out at PEKC, you don't even have to like running but you will find Coleen teaching many runner focused classes and workshops and you may find a new appreciation for running. She is also available for private coaching and personal training.

Coleen will usually have a cup of coffee in hand, a sadistic class plan in mind and a stupid story or joke ready to tell. Need to bribe her? Vegan chocolate and/or whiskey is always gladly accepted but you will still have to do burpees.

Leia Anderson

Position:Running Coach

If you can’t find Leia she’s probably running in the woods. She’s a mother runner who loves ultra-marathons. She thinks training is at least as fun as racing. Passionate about fitness as a lifestyle, she likes finding training schedules that work best for each person. Leia is also very community oriented, knowing that a support system can be a huge part of reaching personal goals, she likes to help people find a home in the running community. Watching people achieve things they didn’t know they could do is her jam, and she’ll meet you at the finish with lots of glitter! Leia is a Lydiard Level 1 & 2 certified running coach and is available for run coaching at any distance and experience level.

Carly Rosin

Position:Strength and Mobility Coach
Carly's love of sports began with neighborhood soccer games, working her way up to national competitions in high school. After being recruited to a Division 1 team for college, Carly tore her hip flexor and left the game behind. After years of working out in traditional gym settings, writing her own strength programs, Carly longed to be part of a team or community again. That's when she found Crossfit. Living in San Fransisco at the time, Carly began to train with Diane Fu, Carl Paoli, Yasmin Mehta and Kelly Starrett. Over a decade in the 12 Step Recovery Community has taught Carly how to improve herself and her life incrementally: living the truth that big change happens in small steps over time. Specializing in Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting, and Active Recovery. Putting technique first creates the results you want to see as well as the benefits you hadn't considered.

Ke’Lan Mitchell

Position:HIIT Instructor

The training that I do is centered around muscle development, strength, and endurance building.

Accomplishments & Certifications:

  • ACE certified personal trainer
  • Bachelors degree in Journalism
  • Masters in Business Administration and Human Resources
  • Former college basketball player
  • Natural and NPC physique competitor with 1st place class finishes in both organizations

We incorporate functional movements that are used in everyday life. My High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is not designed to be a hypertrophy workout — many sets are performed to failure with the goal of keeping your heart rate elevated as you work your entire body and build lean muscle.

I believe physical fitness is not only a great way to improve your health but it is also a confidence builder that creates a natural feeling of euphoria. As a coach it is my responsibility to help you reach your body goals, improve physical and mental health, and instill confidence!