Carly Rosin

Position:Strength and Mobility Coach
Carly's love of sports began with neighborhood soccer games, working her way up to national competitions in high school. After being recruited to a Division 1 team for college, Carly tore her hip flexor and left the game behind. After years of working out in traditional gym settings, writing her own strength programs, Carly longed to be part of a team or community again. That's when she found Crossfit. Living in San Fransisco at the time, Carly began to train with Diane Fu, Carl Paoli, Yasmin Mehta and Kelly Starrett. Over a decade in the 12 Step Recovery Community has taught Carly how to improve herself and her life incrementally: living the truth that big change happens in small steps over time. Specializing in Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting, and Active Recovery. Putting technique first creates the results you want to see as well as the benefits you hadn't considered.
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